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Thanks for leading the fire ceremony last night. It was a powerful, enlightening experience. The whole ceremony, and seeing your involvement and joy … read more
-- Bob, Ithaca, NY
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What is the difference between a Sacred Journey and a regular journey?

When you travel to a place that has special energy or vibration you can feel it right away.  There is Sacred Journey at Stonehenge Susan Nortonsomething
different. It can be a site like Stonehenge or a waterfall in the woods by your house. It is a place that calls to you. To stop and take note of what you're feeling.

When you go on a sacred journey, you set an intention to see, feel and sense these special sites on a more profound level. On a regular journey, people talk and take pictures, often posing by the site and moving on. A sacred journey is different because you take the time to create ceremony and do activities together to increase this connection. It's delightful! The group energy and intention actually heighten the experience for all.

With a good leader, one enters 'sacred space' where protection is assured and you can deeply let go and feel the energies and receive messages from the divine, known by many names. On a recent journey, we drummed our way into the sacred site, used bells and meditation to access the higher reality and performed a water ceremony. There was time to spend alone, still being held in sacred space with the energy of the group around us.

When I was at Stonehenge on a sacred journey, a fellow traveler discovered a high energy portal between two massive stones, and shared this finding with me. I had a profound personal experience there that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

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