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I met Susan a few months ago, and was immediately drawn to her beautiful, warm energy. My first session with Susan still has me searching for the … read more
-- Elaine Derby, Ithaca, NY
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What is shamanism?

Shamanism is about being in ayni, in balance. As we come into right relationship, the world around us changes. All energy is connected. As we care for and heal another person, animal or the land, we heal ourselves. As we heal each other, we heal the world. We are all one.

The shamanism in which I am trained comes from the mountains of Peru. This work is done with deep integrity and only with permission. I open sacred space by 'Opening the Four Directions' and work with great protection from this place. I invite in Spirit (known by many names) for the highest good of the client or space that I am blessing.

I am guided as to what actions to take while I am providing this service. One needs to be well trained to do this work safely and effectively. Great shifts occur and I often see one's power animals, spirit guides and angels while I am in this sacred space. It is not me who removes energy blocks, cords or entities from a person or place, but really Spirit. I am very useful and well trained, but it is really the client themselves who shifts, with the help of Spirit.

Blessings, Susan Norton


0 #1 Susan N 2017-11-06 15:55
I am still loving doing this work! What a blessing that I found this medicine path.

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