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Susan Norton has impeccable credentials, both as an academic and as a practicing shaman. Susan was extremely prepared and researched the needs of our … read more
-- Jeffrey Falardeau, Colgate University
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What is Opening Sacred Space?

In Opening Sacred Space (also known as Opening the Four Directions) I set a clear intention as to what I'm calling in.  Home Blessing working with crystals Susan NortonIf it is for a client in a healing session I ask that only those energies, elements or guides come in that are for the highest good of that client.

In this work, there is an opening to spirit, to another world. If I don't set a clear intention in opening sacred space, anything could come in from that other world. Not all of that would be helpful. By working in sacred space, I am assured of working with protection and receiving the highest guidance for the client.

Blessings, Susan Norton

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