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Thank you for the two sessions. They felt wonderful, and I believe that those two sessions helped get things 'moving' in my life. Life is very … read more
-- T., Ithaca, NY
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What are fire ceremonies?

Fire Ceremony Ithaca NY Susan Norton Shamanic Services by SusanA fire ceremony is an opportunity to work with the transformational power of fire outdoors.  It can be held for a group or community, an individual or family.  While they can occur at any time, fire ceremonies are often held on a full or new moon.  I am adept in leading fire ceremonies and they are an important part of the healing work that I provide.

During a fire ceremony, we open sacred space and call in our ancestors and guardians.  We create an opening to Spirit (known by many names).  By the sacred fire we can release what no longer serves us, and take in the healing energy from the fire.  Often we feel the presence of loved ones and pets who have passed on, and sense or see our helpers or guides in the spirit world.  

Participants can drum, rattle, dance or sing around the fire.  Some may choose to sit quietly by the fire and reflect.  It is a great time to share from our hearts.  Humans have been gathering by fires for thousands of years.  It connects us with each other in a deep way, and is very healing.

Blessings, Susan Norton

I can come and create a fire ceremony for you, your group or community.  For years I have been holding Full Moon community fire ceremonies in Ithaca, NY USA.  See the events tab for more information about our upcoming fire!   

"Thanks for leading the fire ceremony last night. It was a powerful, enlightening experience. The whole ceremony, and seeing your involvement and joy was a pleasure. The stick part was especially powerful. I blew fear, selfishness, and self-centeredness into the one end over and over. Then I blew love into the other end just before placing it in the fire. I could see and feel my heart opening up more. Maybe I can be a little more giving than in the past. Still more work to do so I'll see you next month." - Bob, Ithaca, NY

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