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What are Munay-Ki rites?

Munay-Ki rites are energetic downloads of initiation from Spirit (known by many names) originating in the mountains of Peru.  There are rites of protection, ayni or balance, seer’s rites, creator rites and healer’s rites, to name a few.

These rites raise our vibrational energy and connect us to the luminous Earthkeepers who can assist us on our journey of becoming wisdom keepers and guardians of the planet.  These rites are very important in the evolution of the planet at this time.  They raise the energy of the world around us, and help affect positive change on the planet.

The Munay-Ki rites are gifted from one trained in the transmission.  I have extensive training in the gifting and teaching of these rites to others in both the traditional and modern-day formats.  It is amazing to see these rites being given, and passed along to others.   

As we heal and change the world, we heal ourselves.
Blessings, Susan Norton

The Munay-Ki rites will be offered at the Community Fire Ceremonies in Ithaca, NY
beginning with the Full Moon fire on April 2nd, 2015!

Check the Fire Ceremonies link for more information. 

Please contact me if you would like to receive these rites, or learn to gift these rites to others.  If you have a space in which to provide these rites or training in this important work let me know!  I travel nationally and internationally to provide this service.  Healing centers and spas are ideal locations for these beautiful transmissions.

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