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I had a tremendous experience working with Susan Norton. She came to my apartment to do a blessing. Susan is very focused at what she does and has a … read more
-- Miles McGrath, Ithaca, NY
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What is an office blessing?

An office is an important place of energy for the owners and employees, as well as the clients.  Even if customers do not come into the office or workspace to conduct their business, the energy there is sensed or picked up by others.  This can have an effect of either repelling clients or attracting the very customers you can help the most.  I am trained and experienced in performing this service.

An office blessing clears out any stagnant or heavy energy from past owners, employees or difficult clients.  When this heavy, dense energy is removed with sage, crystals, flowers and essential oils, new energy can then come in.  A ceremony with white flowers is used to invite in love and light, along with any other qualities the owner chooses such as prosperity and good teamwork.  The effects are felt the same day.  

The office blessing leads to happier, more content workers and naturally attracts the right customers, who feel comfortable and drawn to that business.

Blessings, Susan Norton

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