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I am Susan Norton, MS, HLB Certified, professional shamanic healer trained in the Healing the Light Body tradition with the Four Winds Society. I have studied with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and with shamans in Peru. I am currently based in the United States in Ithaca, New York.


  • connect to spirit and be guided on your journey
  • discover your destiny
  • release your inner true self
  • live the life you were meant to live
  • remove energy blocks in the body
  • unlock events in the past that keep you from achieving your power
  • listen to and receive information from your body

Services Offered:

  • sacred ancient rites of Munay-ki
  • soul retrieval
  • connecting you to your power animal
  • cleansing your luminous body
  • shamanic journeying for information from spirit
  • chakra clearings and illuminations
  • extractions of heavy energies in the body
  • blessings and clearings of home and workplace
  • creation of personal honoring ceremonies
  • fire ceremonies
  • teach the medicine wheel to individuals and groups
  • create ritual and ceremony in sacred space
  • living and dying consciously
Some services can be done remotely

For a free one hour consultation or to contact Susan Norton:

Call (607) 229-5161

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Monthly Community Fire Ceremony

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New! Shamanic Training Sessions Beginning...

Opening to Abundance Retreat
May 16-18, 2014 

Munay-Ki Rites: Experience the Divine, GreenStar Coop, Ithaca, NY USA
January 15, 2014

Guest Lecturer at SUNY Geneseo
October, 2013

"Thank you for the two sessions. They felt wonderful, and I believe that those two sessions helped get things 'moving' in my life. Life is very exciting for me right now. I just moved to a beautiful home in the country and I seem to be at the beginning of a lovely romance. The world works in mysterious ways." ~ T., Ithaca, NY

"I recently had the pleasure of participating in a twelve session Peruvian Shamanism class taught by Susan. I thought I'd just be adding a few new skills to my shamanic "toolkit," and I certainly did learn many excellent shamanic healing techniques. But this class took me so much deeper! Susan has a purity of self and spirit that I have only rarely encountered. She is deeply humble and reverential, and effortlessly transmits these qualities to her students. She is loving and encouraging, and inspires self-confidence and spontaneity. I am especially moved by how Susan's class helped me to release lifelong personal patterns in order to more fully allow spirit to work through me." ~ JoAnn Horton, Ithaca, NY

"Susan's specialty is Shamanic Healing, and it was my first experience with this modality. I found it to be a soothing and lightening experience. During the session, what Susan terms as "cords" were removed from my spirit - cords which had me tethered to unhealthy, past programming. During the session I experienced healing of another type. I found resolution to a past event that had been causing emotional pain. Subsequent to the session I felt light and free. I look forward to another session with Susan, and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a spiritual healing or freedom." ~ Margaret Snow, Ithaca, NY

"My friend Dave and I were overcome with immense positive and peaceful energy a couple of years ago when we attended one of your winter gatherings. He commented that he had never experienced such a deep connection before. I still remember the feeling of serenity and connection.I am honored to know you Susan,Blessings." ~ Lisa Bertuzzi LMT, RN, Lisa Bertuzzi Massage Therapy, Ithaca, NY

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