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I am Susan Norton, MS, HLB Certified, professional shamanic healer trained in the Healing the Light Body tradition with the Four Winds Society. I have studied with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and with shamans in Peru. I am currently based in the United States in Ithaca, New York.


  • connect to spirit and be guided on your journey
  • discover your destiny
  • release your inner true self
  • live the life you were meant to live
  • remove energy blocks in the body
  • unlock events in the past that keep you from achieving your power
  • listen to and receive information from your body

Services Offered:

  • sacred ancient rites of Munay-ki
  • soul retrieval
  • connecting you to your power animal
  • cleansing your luminous body
  • shamanic journeying for information from spirit
  • chakra clearings and illuminations
  • extractions of heavy energies in the body
  • blessings and clearings of home and workplace
  • creation of personal honoring ceremonies
  • fire ceremonies
  • teach the medicine wheel to individuals and groups
  • create ritual and ceremony in sacred space
  • living and dying consciously

Speaking Engagements:

  • Guest lecturer at State University of New York at Geneseo
  • Guest lecturer at Susquehanna River Archaeological Center of Native Indian Studies
  • Presenter for 'Thumbs Up for Wellness,' Studio West, Ithaca, NY
  • Presenter at the Dragon Boat Festival, Ithaca, NY
  • Presenter for the 'Trumansburg Library Dream Series,' Trumansburg, NY
  • Radio Interviews for 'The Mission' and 'What the Health' 88.1 FM, Ithaca, NY
  • Presenter at First Friday Gallery Night, Ithaca, NY
Some services can be done remotely

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"Susan Norton has impeccable credentials, both as an academic and as a practicing shaman. Susan was extremely prepared and researched the needs of our department. I would without hesitation recommend Susan for any organization, she was a joy to work with." ~ Jeffrey Falardeau, Colgate University

"Thank you for the two sessions. They felt wonderful, and I believe that those two sessions helped get things 'moving' in my life. Life is very exciting for me right now. I just moved to a beautiful home in the country and I seem to be at the beginning of a lovely romance. The world works in mysterious ways." ~ T., Ithaca, NY

"I recently had the pleasure of participating in a twelve session Peruvian Shamanism class taught by Susan. I thought I'd just be adding a few new skills to my shamanic "toolkit," and I certainly did learn many excellent shamanic healing techniques. But this class took me so much deeper! Susan has a purity of self and spirit that I have only rarely encountered. She is deeply humble and reverential, and effortlessly transmits these qualities to her students. She is loving and encouraging, and inspires self-confidence and spontaneity. I am especially moved by how Susan's class helped me to release lifelong personal patterns in order to more fully allow spirit to work through me." ~ JoAnn Horton, Ithaca, NY

"Susan's specialty is Shamanic Healing, and it was my first experience with this modality. I found it to be a soothing and lightening experience. During the session, what Susan terms as "cords" were removed from my spirit - cords which had me tethered to unhealthy, past programming. During the session I experienced healing of another type. I found resolution to a past event that had been causing emotional pain. Subsequent to the session I felt light and free. I look forward to another session with Susan, and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a spiritual healing or freedom." ~ Margaret Snow, Ithaca, NY

"My friend Dave and I were overcome with immense positive and peaceful energy a couple of years ago when we attended one of your winter gatherings. He commented that he had never experienced such a deep connection before. I still remember the feeling of serenity and connection.I am honored to know you Susan,Blessings." ~ Lisa Bertuzzi LMT, RN, Lisa Bertuzzi Massage Therapy, Ithaca, NY

"My sessions with Susan are always wonderful, and my last one was no exception. When looking for a Shaman, you should engage the services of someone that is trustworthy and has your best interests at heart. My most recent session with Susan again showed not only her powerful skills, but also her deep devotion to her clients. During my session it was asked of her that she take a particular journey to an unfamiliar location. She needed to make a decision and forged ahead on my behalf. The result was her delivery of the loveliest gifts and information from Spirit. It was truly a humbling and beautiful experience for me and I’m grateful to have found someone of Susan’s abilities and integrity. I gladly recommend Shamanic Services by Susan." ~ Margaret Snow, Workplace and Spiritual Life Coach, www.margaretsnow.com, Integrative Medicine Center, 301 West State Street, Suite 203, Ithaca, NY

"I met Susan a few months ago, and was immediately drawn to her beautiful, warm energy. My first session with Susan still has me searching for the right words to describe it. She was working on clearing negative energy from a deep rooted and painful experience from many years ago. I saw a brilliant white light, and felt as though it was entering my body through an opening at the top of my head. I now feel at peace with my past, I can see it from a different perspective, and know what its purpose was. Susan used her powerful skills as a Shaman to help me to release my pain, but I know the benefits will be far greater than that. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone who needs help with releasing old wounds, and who wants to be free of their pain forever." ~ Elaine Derby, Ithaca, NY

"I had a tremendous experience working with Susan Norton. She came to my apartment to do a blessing. Susan is very focused at what she does and has a way of listening for what is best in each moment. The blessing is a tradition that Susan is very adept carrying forward to create a new environment that lifts out heavy energy and allows the love and light to express itself more fully. If you want to bring more light to your home or office, I would highly recommend you work with Susan Norton. She has a big heart and is amazing at what she does. I highly recommend her." ~ Miles McGrath, Ithaca, NY

"I wanted to thank you for the community fire ceremony Thursday night. I loved every second of it! I will definitely come to more of them. By the end of the ceremony, I felt so ALIVE and AWAKE. Susan created a safe place for everyone to share as they needed and/or wanted to. Thank you!" ~ Rita, Ithaca, NY

"Thanks for leading the fire ceremony last night. It was a powerful, enlightening experience. The whole ceremony, and seeing your involvement and joy was a pleasure. The stick part was especially powerful. I blew fear, selfishness, and self-centeredness into the one end over and over. Then I blew love into the other end just before placing it in the fire. I could see and feel my heart opening up more. Maybe I can be a little more giving than in the past. Still more work to do so I'll see you next month." ~ Bob, Ithaca, NY

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