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What Clients Say

Thanks for leading the fire ceremony last night. It was a powerful, enlightening experience. The whole ceremony, and seeing your involvement and joy … read more
-- Bob, Ithaca, NY
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SPIRIT a Plan for Miracles℠

A journey of transformation


This intensive systematic training with Susan Norton allows one to achieve personal levels of accelerated growth.  This is for people on a spiritual or personal journey, who want to go beyond the mundane to lead and experience an extraordinary life.

Are you waiting for something to unfold in your life?

Do you feel trapped in circumstances beyond your control?

Do you secretly desire to live a more expansive, fulfilling life but have no idea how?

This system activates huge change in your life. Susan Norton is your guide in transformation. What took thirty years to perfect, Susan creates for you in a matter of months ~ the crystallized essence of the journey.

Deep inside the cocoon of a caterpillar, tiny imaginal cells hold the energy of the New. This system is like that. It changes everything. In the dark, your SPIRIT is waiting to unfold.

Each letter of SPIRIT is a component of the system.

S   See the Truth
P   Pass through the Portal
I    Ignite your Intuition
  Reveal your True Self
   Increase Inspiration and Insight
T   Trust and Accept your New Reality

Expect miracles in your life, saying 'Yes' to Spirit, and having Spirit say 'Yes' to you.

"I love the way Susan has combined different teachings to put together this S.P.I.R.I.T program. To combine them, coupled with her unique style of teaching, experience and loving personality, offers something special. You never know what will happen with each session. I am grateful for this program for shifting my life and have things unfold in such beautiful, sometimes surprising ways. Susan, this is a unique program that you have so thoughtfully put together that can benefit many people!"

Karen R.
Nova Scotia, Canada

"I recommend Susan Norton’s SPIRIT: a Plan for Miracles.  It truly is a guided journey of personal transformation.  Susan explained that each letter of SPIRIT is a component of the 6 month program.  It was the explanation of R – Reveal your True Self - that caught my ear and had me signing up with my first payment on that very same day.  Susan described it this way: We go along in the path of our lives and sometimes we notice that where we want to be is off to the side but there’s no way to get over there.  Susan’s SPIRIT program moves one into that possibility.  Pretty good life but 'over there' was another offering, but I couldn’t traverse the seemingly ever widening gap.  Through the six month SPIRIT work, I closed the gap and my life is enriched."

Priscilla Walker
Ithaca, NY

Other participants have said:

"I am blessed with happiness,  I am happy.  Way deep openings and awareness"

"Excitement purring.  I don't know what's going to happen"

"I'm excited about the possibilities, I love me"

"It happened on a level I didn't perceive, it was extraordinary!"


S.       ‘See the Truth’

See the patterns in life that are blocking you.  See what’s not working.  The realization that validation comes from within.  Take Control back.   The Power that comes from facing the Truth.
    Identifying addictions
    Revealing thought patterns/ shadow work
    Byron Katie work
    Observer of thoughts/ Stance of observing our own thoughts

* Help you to see it
* Healing Touch
* Feeling the emptiness/ feeling absence of connection to Spirit
* Face the pain
* See it
* Launch the rockets of desire for what you truly want

P.       ‘Pass through the Portal’

Calling for help.  Getting a vision, inspiration.  Getting rid of addictions and addictive behavior.  Freedom that comes from surrendering, turning it over to Spirit.

    Finding that opening to Spirit  
    Calling on protection and guidance  
    Creating Sacred space

* See the best self, what is truly possible for you
* Call on Spirit:  “This is beyond me- help!”
* Creating ritual/ ceremony for yourself to turn it over daily
* Finding a delightful alternatives to addictive or detrimental behavior
* Working with the Sacred
* Journey work

I.       ‘Ignite your Intuition’

Possibilities.  Reveal now the deep connection and access to the Spirit/God/Higher Power.  Start the fire, the kindling and all is ready to ignite.

    Messages from the body
    Ways to relax and allow the flow to come in
    Breathing exercises and techniques to accelerate the connection

* Asking the body
* Noticing, working with signs
* Strengthening and increasing intuition and trusting your Guidance (not relying on your mind)
* Cracking your reality

R.       ‘Reveal your True Self’

Release your defenses.  Authenticity.  Activate your unique, beautiful self.  Be your beautiful self.  Be at Ease.

    Find strength and safety in vulnerability
    Opening to others
    Speaking your truth
    Allowing that which you truly need to come in

* Notice the defenses that keep you from getting what you truly want.
* To be your True Self, sitting in your power.
* Techniques to bring to yourself that which you need, not having to get it from others
* Finding the missing pieces to yourself, and bring those pieces home
* How to keep yourself in balance, keep those soul pieces happy

I.       ‘Increase Inspiration and Insight’

Experience delight and joy.  Feel supported.  Align your desires with that of your higher purpose.  

    Putting yourself at the service for the Highest Good of All
    Finding abundance and healing as you follow your soul’s path
    Accepting with Ease the great Gifts that come your way

* Journaling, honoring what has shifted and has come your way
* Rewriting your old way of being, Calling forth your Soul’s Journey  
* Changing your Destiny’s path to what you truly want it to be
* Stepping outside of Time

T.       ‘Trust and Accept your New Reality’

Experience the Miracles.  Live an incredible life.  Tuning in to the higher vibrations on the planet.  Attracting those that are also on the higher path.

    Seeing the miracles and change around you
    Watching others change who have a connection to you
    Experiencing the Ease with which you can manifest
    Knowing your power, and being aware and careful how you use it

* Accepting a new reality  
* Expecting Miracles in your life
* Having the strength and power to make those bold steps in your life that call you
* Being grateful for all you have, and giving back to the ones around you
* Saying ‘YES’ to Spirit, and having Spirit say ‘YES’ to you

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“Because the world of Spirit is a great place to be”

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